From the Horse’s Mouth: 4 Benefits of Alfalfa Cubes

Have you ever wondered what your horse would say if he could talk? Anyone who has spent any amount of time around horses knows that these creatures can be opinionated. Only an oblivious horse owner wouldn’t realize that their horse has very specific preferences. Maybe your horse doesn’t like foods that other horses love, or perhaps yours is happiest when his mash is mixed just the right way.

But even though every horse has their own specific ideal meal, most horses love alfalfa. Have you ever wondered why? Here are a few benefits of alfalfa cubes from the horse’s point of view:


Lots of Energy

Your horse loves to run around, kick up his heels, and have a good time, and he especially wants to do everything you ask so that you’ll be pleased with him. Your horse is no dummy: He knows that one of the biggest benefits of alfalfa cubes is that they give him the energy to do all of that!

Easy to Eat

Even if your horse is young with a healthy mouth full of strong teeth, he can still appreciate the ease of eating a mash of alfalfa cubes. If your horse is older or has bad teeth, he will appreciate your thoughtfulness in bringing him a meal that’s both tasty and soft.

Less Mess

You might not think your horse cares about how maintaining a tidy dining environment — in fact, some horses seem to enjoy making a mess. But if you’ve watched a horse sift through dirt or shavings for a single piece of hay, you know that horses don’t want to leave the least bit of food behind. Even the sloppiest horse can appreciate the lack of mess and waste that alfalfa cubes offer.

Amazing Taste

Judging by how excited your horse is to eat them, alfalfa cubes made into a mash must taste amazing. In fact, a mash of alfalfa cubes is one of the best treats you can give your horse. As an added bonus, the warmth of a nice hot mash can help your horse warm up on a chilly day.


Humans talk about the benefits of alfalfa cubes all the time, but we’re willing to bet you’ve never asked your horse why they enjoy them so much. What else do you think your horse would tell you if you were able to ask them? For more ideas about feeding practices your horse will love, contact Sacate Pellet Mills at 602-237-3809.