About Our Products

What is the difference between cubes and pellets?

The difference is primarily the size.  The raw materials and nutritional contents are much the same.  Pellets are smaller:  In our case, 3/8″ diameter by approximately 1″ long.  Cubes are 1 ¼” square and around 2 ½” long.  The fiber length of cubes is longer than that of pellets.  We grind hay to 1/4″ for pellets and 1 ½” for hay cubes.

Do I feed my horses less when I feed pellets or cubes?

The total intake of feed for pellets and cubes is the same as when feeding baled hay.  We recommend a total feed intake of 1½ to 2% of body weight generally.  Be sure to review the tables under any product you are interested in for further guidance.  There is little waste when feeding pellets and cubes; you should find that you buy less pelletized feed than baled products.

Do pellets represent a complete diet for my horse?

Our Thorough-Bread and Equidyne products contain starches and minerals, which balance overall nutrition for most horses.  Other factors make your horse unique to other animals.  Carefully read the descriptions of our products on the PRODUCTS tab. Generally speaking, a horse’s diet should contain 85% forage and 15% other feed.  Be sure to consult a professional familiar with your animal to assist you in making the right feed choices.

Do you make both pellets and cubes at the same facility?

No.  We manufacture pellets and cubes at separate facilities near Maricopa, Arizona.  However, the mills’ management, accounting, and the acquisition of raw forages are handled centrally, at our corporate office near the pellet facility.

Are your pellets and cubes certified weed-free?

We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest locally grown ingredients from the top farms in our area.  However, we are not certified weed-free as defined by the USDA Forest Service in the National Forest Service Management Memorandum NFS 2900.

How do I get more information regarding the nutrition of your forages?

Click on the link on the product pages and download a copy of the nutritional profile.  This information is certified by Equi-Analytical Laboratories, Ithaca, NY.  We also test our products quarterly to maintain accurate data regarding our feed quality.

What are the minimum requirements for bulk delivery?

We have compartmentally separated trucks that deliver bulk feed to customers’ bulk bins throughout our delivery area.  The minimum delivery is usually 3 tons but varies depending upon the distance and frequency of delivery.  Please contact our office to learn more about our requirements and service areas.

Are your products available for pickup at the plants?

Yes, we will sell products to the general public at our mill in one pallet minimums.  A one-day lead time is required to schedule your pickup for all orders.  Bulk sales are available in 1,000 lb. totes daily or bulk loose in trailers on Friday mornings from 7 am to 9 am.  Pricing for products sold at the mill reflects the average retail price for products sold by our dealers in the area, but larger quantities and bulk products are available directly.

Do you sell bulk storage bins?

Yes.  Our bins hold approximately 5 tons of feed.  If delivery and setup are required, you must (A) be within our service area and (B) have sufficient ingress/egress to accommodate a semi-truck and trailer.  Please note that delivered bins must be installed on a customer supplied concrete slab.  Contact our office to request an onsite visit from a representative to review slab dimensions and height restrictions.

How does the bulk delivery process work?

Our trucks deliver feed to your desired location.  Your order is loaded into compartmentalized trailers and weighed by a certified scale as they are loaded.  The invoice amount is based upon the loaded weight, and a scale ticket is provided upon every delivery.  Seven to ten days advance notice is required on orders so that we have time to assemble the multiple deliveries of a single truckload.

Which forms of payment are accepted by Sacate?

We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards.  Checks are only accepted for customers that have solid credit and payment history with our company.

How can I claim exemption from state sales tax?

Feed sales are exempt from sales tax in the state of Arizona.  Other state laws vary.  Consult with a tax professional if your state collects sales tax on feed, but you feel as though you qualify for exemption.

Can your bags be recycled?

Our paper feed bags are recyclable in most areas but are non-refillable, so there is no need to return them.  Our bulk tote bags are returnable as long as they are in good condition.  The office will request to see the bags before returning them to the warehouse.  The initial tote purchase will include a refundable bag fee.  You will receive credit for returned bags on subsequent visits.

What are your hours of operation?

The Sacate office in Maricopa is open from 7 am until 4 pm Monday through Friday.  Trucks must be at the office by 3:00 and walk-in customers by 3:30 to be loaded.  Customer pickup is available at the cubing facility in Stanfield, AZ Monday through Friday, between 7 am and 3:30 pm.  Bagged cubes in pallet form are available at the Maricopa mill Monday through Friday.  Be sure to arrange for pickup at least one day before arrival.

Does Sacate deliver bagged feed?

We deliver bagged feed orders to feed stores in Arizona.  Partial load deliveries to our Dealers is available based upon your location and our normal weekly routes.  Bagged feed orders outside of our delivery area are handled by the customer.  Sacate maintains relationships with trucking companies who routinely pick up orders at our location.  Call the office for more information.