Top 10 Favorite Horse Breeds

Horses have become iconic symbols in our society. Even non-horse people could recognize the Budweiser horses on sight or are familiar with the fabled wild horses of the West, the Mustangs. A large percentage of non-horse people probably even know who Black Beauty or the Black Stallion are. With the way horse culture loves them, some horse breeds are simply better known and more commonly chosen than others. Here are the 10 best known breeds.

  1. Arabian: Many non-horse people read about the Arabian horse the Black Stallion as a child. There’s a reason why this breed is one of the all-time favorites and why there are so many all across the United States. It’s one of the oldest horse breeds, and also has played a crucial role in the creation of many other newer breeds.
  2. Thoroughbred: Thoroughbreds are a perfect example of a breed that used the Arabian breed as its foundation. Originally bred from heavy English horses and light Arabians, Thoroughbreds are famously bred for high profile races such as the Kentucky Derby.
  3. Mustang: There is almost no other horse breed as iconic in America as the Mustang. These horses aren’t actually wild. They are feral horses whose ancestors were left here by the Spanish Conquistadors, acclimated to the American Southwest, and have likely been joined by other escaped or abandoned horses over the centuries.
  4. Quarter Horse: Another iconic American breed, Quarter Horses were originally bred in the American South to run short quarter-mile races, which meant they had to be powerfully built. They are extremely popular and commonly found, especially in the West.
  5. Paint: Most people assume that Paint Horses are just an unusual coloring, but in actuality Paint Horses are a specific breed, while pinto is the color pattern. These flashy horses were favored by Native Americans and have become another iconic horse of the American West.
  6. Appaloosa: Appaloosas are also flashy in color, like Paints, but with a color pattern found in almost no other breed. These horses were bred by Native Americans in the American Northwest and are still a popular breed in these areas.
  7. Gypsy Vanner: This breed has become famous because of the luxurious long locks its horses are known for. These horses are most commonly black and white pinto horses with long flowing manes, tails, and feather (the long hair on the lower legs), although they can also be brown and white.
  8. Pony: Pony breeds are popular as school horses and riding horses for children, and there are so many mixes of the breeds that it’s hard to tell them apart at times, but Shetland and Welsh Cob are two of the most  popular of the pony breeds.
  9. Miniature Horse: Miniature horses, or minis as they are commonly called, are typically not riding ponies, although they can occasionally be used for pony rides for small children. They are still a favorite breed though, especially with children who love smaller versions of almost anything. They can often be found in petting zoos or used as driving horses.
  10. Clydesdale: These giant horses might not be one of the horse breeds that are widely owned, but they are well known because of the Budweiser Clydesdales. Almost everyone recognizes the Budweiser horses from their commercials, making Clydesdale one of the most well-known draft breeds.

Ranging from extra small to extra large and everything in between,  all of these horse breeds have dramatically different caloric and nutritional needs. How does your favorite horse breed stack up? To find out how our pelleted feeds make feeding every horse easier, contact Sacate Pellet Mills at 602-237-3809.