3 Things Your Feed Pellet Mill Does for You (So That You Don’t Have To)

When feeding time comes around, would you prefer hauling around large, awkward, messy flakes of hay or buckets of pellets? The convenience of feeding pellets to your horses doesn’t stop there… or with how easy pelleted feed makes weight management… or with how easy it is to store bags of pellets. Here are three things  your feed pellet mill does for you every day that makes your life that much easier.

  • Tracks down good growers: Anyone who has purchased hay for their horses knows how tough it can be to find a grower you can trust.  Every feed pellet mill worth its salt (or magnesium, calcium, or any other nutrient) knows that the quality you put into a pellet determines what you get out of it, so we work hard to find the best hay farmers in the Valley. We tour the hay fields and maintain strict standards from our growers.
  • Verifies nutritional content: As a horse owner buying hay, you would have to have it lab tested to determine nutritional content. A feed pellet mill takes it several steps further. Hay is tested before being processed, supplements are added, and then the resulting pellets are lab tested to ensure they meet the guaranteed nutritional content. The end result is a product you can feed with confidence, whether your horse needs to lose weight, gain weight, or just maintain his current weight.
  • Ensures the safety of their products: In addition to ensuring you can count on a specific nutritional content when you feed your horse, as your feed content mill we will also ensure the safety of our products every time we test. Too much or too little of any nutrient could be dangerous to your animals, it’s important to verify that the finished product meets its advertised nutritional content. In addition, we also require that our suppliers test their hay, grain, or corn for harmful substances. You can feed our pellets with the peace of mind, knowing your horse is safe in our hands.

Buying feed for your horses isn’t always an easy task, but at Sacate Pellet Mills we hope to relieve you of at least some of the burden. When we make your horse’s pellets, every step of the process is performed with one goal in mind: to produce the best possible feed. For more information about our strict quality standards and how we ensure they are met, please contact us at 602-237-3809..