Bermuda Hay for Your Horse

With the different types of hay available,  you may wonder why Bermuda hay is a popular choice among horse owners. It’s also one of the top types of hay we use in manufacturing our horse feed. Here are a few reasons why Bermuda grass makes an excellent hay for feeding horses.

  • Lower energy levels: When compared to other popular choices such as alfalfa,  Bermuda is lower in protein and higher in fiber. This particular ratio means horses feel full with a more reasonable amount of hay, compared to alfalfa, which can satisfy a horse’s nutritional needs without filling them up. As a result, horses can eat a lot of this hay without getting “hot” from an excess of energy.
  • Lower risk of weight gain: Another effect of the lower energy levels and higher fiber content is that horses are less likely to gain weight on Bermuda hay. An “easy keeper” that would soon round out on straight alfalfa can eat a lot more of Bermuda, feel more full, and still not gain weight.
  • Good for the gut: Just like people, horses need a lot of fiber to keep their guts moving. Colic adds an additional level of concern, since a gut that stops moving can be fatal to a horse. Bermuda hay has a high fiber content that is good for a horse’s digestive tract.
  • Easier on the kidneys: Older horses with kidney issues need to avoid high-protein diets, since excess protein is screened out by the kidneys. Since Bermuda hay has lower protein content it is much easier on the kidneys. For horses that need slightly more protein, it can also be mixed with alfalfa.
  • Lower in calcium: The high calcium levels of richer hay such as alfalfa is a problem, due to it throwing off the ratio of calcium to phosphorus. Too much calcium and not enough phosphorus can cause muscle trembling and weakness. Bermuda hay on its own has a much safer ratio, and can be mixed with alfalfa to create a more complete feed.
  • Local: Many grasses need more moisture than is available in the Southwest, but Bermuda grass grows plentifully in this area. Since our pellet mill is located here, it makes sense to take advantage of what’s locally available.
  • Affordable: Of course, since Bermuda grass is plentiful here in the Southwest, it also makes it a much more affordable option than trucking in hay from other areas — a savings we can pass on to our customers.

Our goal with all of our horse feed is to meet the nutritional needs of our customers’ horses with quality ingredients. As such, we’re proud to offer quality, local Bermuda hay in our pellets. For more information about our ingredients and our feed, please contact Sacate Pellet Mills at 602-237-3809.