6 Benefits of Feed Pellets

Anyone who has horses knows how many variables go into feeding. It’s not as easy as going to the store, buying a bag of kibble, and measuring out the correct portion for your dog or cat. But with feed pellets for horses, it could be.

Feed pellets provide a low-fuss, mess-free way to feed your horse. Here are a few of the advantages of feeding pellets.

Easier to Monitor Nutrition

Horses have certain nutritional needs that must be met, whether through their diet or supplements. If you want to ensure your horse is getting the vitamins and minerals he needs to be healthy, you’ll need to regularly test samples from your hay or pasture and provide supplements for whatever is lacking.

Horse feed, on the other hand, is tested and supplemented at the pellet mill, so you can feed according to your horse’s weight with full confidence that he’ll be getting everything he needs to stay healthy.

Easier to Maintain an Ideal Weight

Helping your horse maintain a healthy weight is an important part of horse ownership. Changing workload, illness, and rehabilitation all impact caloric needs and may require you to increase or decrease his feed accordingly.

Feed pellets make it easy to increase, decrease, or even just keep it the same. While hay bales can frequently vary in weight, pelleted feed is consistent and therefore easy to measure and adjust as needed.

Easier on Old or Sick Horses

Older horses, sick horses, and horses with dental problems often have a hard time meeting their caloric needs. Horses with bad teeth may not be able to chew their food well enough to digest it properly, or they may chew too slowly or choose not to eat because it hurts.

You can make it easier on your horse to get the calories he needs by feeding him soaked feed pellets to make an easy-to-chew mash. Be sure to also consult your vet if you think there is a physical reason for your horse’s weight issues.

Less Mess

While hay is the standard for feeding horses, it is also messy and results in a lot of waste. Even tightly baled hay tends to leave hay crumbs everywhere, and it’s hard to keep hay barns and barn aisles clean.

Feed pellets, on the other hand, are easier to transport, store, and feed. Bags of pellets are easy to move and stack, and can be kept in grain bins and scooped into feed pans to keep the overall mess to a minimum.

Less Waste

Every horse owner knows how messy horses can be when they eat. Hay typically gets strewn everywhere while horses look for the choice bits, and may get blown away or ground into the dirt or mud underfoot.

Feeding pellets reduces much of this waste. Pellets are cleaner in storage as well as during feeding time, and won’t get trampled underfoot or blown away.

Less Hassle When Traveling

Traveling with hay can be a hassle, as the issues with mess and waste are compounded when traveling. Loose hay gets lost out of truck beds and hay bags, and trampled underfoot in the trailer.

Imagine only having to bring a bag or two of hay pellets. Rather than having hay everywhere, feeding time will be neat and clean!

Take the Work Out of Feeding

Are you tired of all the work that goes into feeding your horses: testing hay, weighing flakes, feeding supplements, and the constant cleaning up? If you’d like to find out more about the advantages of feeding pellets, contact Sacate Pellet Mills today at 602-237-3809.