Useful Tips for Integrating Alfalfa Pellets into Your Feeding Plan

Horses can be finicky around mealtime. Horse food wholesalers know that some horses will love alfalfa pellets from the start, while others will find the pellets are an acquired taste. When it’s  time to integrate them into your horse’s diet, following are some useful tips that will make the integration a little smoother.

Tip #1: Start Gradually

Integrate alfalfa pellets into your horse’s diet in small steps. Gradually reduce the amount of alfalfa you are feeding while subsequently increasing the quantity of pellets you are feeding in 1/2 pound increments. You will want to work your way up to the recommended pellet weight per 100 lbs of body weight.

Tip #2: Soak the Feed

Some horses prefer alfalfa pellets that have been soaked prior to feeding. This is highly dependent on the condition of the horse’s teeth. Even so, most won’t like mushy pellets or soup. To keep your pellets from becoming too mushy, apply just enough water to soften the pellets. Since each horse is different, it will take some experimentation to determine the way your horse prefers their pellets prepared.

Tip #3: Sweeten the Deal

If  your horse is resisting the alfalfa pellets, it’s ok to sweeten the deal a little bit. Adding a touch of molasses to the pellets can help make them more palatable to a finicky horse. It’s best not to use “sweet feed” as this can make a horse hot.  Simply mix a few spoonfuls of molasses directly into the pellets when you put them into the feed bucket.

Tip #4: Watch Your Horse Closely

Always watch your horse’s reaction to alfalfa pellets.  Watch closely for signs of choking. While choking is not usually a problem with smaller pellets, larger pellets can create serious issues. When you begin introducing pellets into the diet, plan on standing by and watching your horse’s reaction until it has finished eating.

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