How to Keep your Horse Healthy

Even if you feed horse supplements and do everything properly, your horse could still get sick one day. However, the better you treat your horse, the less likely he is to fall ill. Here are the top tips for keeping your horse healthy for as long as possible:

Schedule annual vet exams

When money is tight, most people usually skip the annual vet exam. After all, if the horse looks fine, he probably does not need one. Just as people need an annual medical checkup, your horse needs one ,too. Even when a horse seems healthy, only a vet can determine whether some illness is lurking undetected.

Feed quality food

Horses need roughage to remain healthy. Although it may be frustrating to buy hay and see it vanishing quickly, you should make sure to buy the best quality food for your horse.  If your horse lacks any vital nutrients, be sure to add horse supplemental feed to complete your horse’s diet.

De-worm regularly

Parasites can wreak havoc on your horse’s internal organs. Be sure to  de-worm regularly with affordable, easy-to-administer products that can be found at your local store.

Minimize stress

Because horses are watchful creatures, they are prone to experience stress more than other animals. Too much stress can result in depression, compromised immune systems, and ulcers. You need to keep your horse’s stress levels at a minimum. Here are a few ways to do that:

  • Be patient when training or riding him
  • Do not let him live without the companionship of another horse. If you cannot afford another horse, consider bringing a neighbor’s horse on your property.
  • Prepare him for new experiences by introducing them to him slowly
  • Let him be a horse. Give him time to unwind and do what other horses do, including running loose and rolling around.

Schedule annual vaccinations

Horses need vaccination against a number of diseases, including tetanus, West Nile virus, influenza, and equine encephalomyelitis. Of course, you should let your vet decide the most suitable vaccine for your region.

Take care of your horse’s hooves

If your horse has unhealthy hooves, you will not be able to ride him or take him for a walk. Find a good farrier and take the schedule for hoof-care that he or she gives you seriously.

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