Sacate Horse Pellets

Sacate all natural horse pellets should be your first choice when it comes to feeding your animals. Committed to uncompromising quality, Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc.’s feed pellets are 100% natural, contain no artificial coloring or additives, and each ration is nutritionally balanced. When compared to baled hay, Sacate pellets are superior in more ways then one, but the very best reason may be that choosing pellets over hay enables you to maintain your animal’s balanced diet.

How You Can Maintain Your Horse’s Balanced Diet

One of the drawbacks of using baled hay is that it tends to be dusty, which causes heaves. This problem is eliminated when using pellets. Likewise, every pellet is nutritionally balanced, as processing eliminates unwanted plants and weeds from the feed, as well as unwanted dust. The advantage of pellets over hay also lies in cost efficiency, as pellets are less bulky, easier to store, and easier to measure.

  • Balanced rations are more efficient toward cost and maintaining nutrition levels.
  • Pellets eliminate waste.
  • 15 to 16lbs of food per day is plenty to keep your horse fed and in the best of health.
  • A complete nutritionally balanced diet of pellets dispenses with the need of mixing hay and grain: Sacate horse pellets combine the nutrition of both, eliminating a mixed diet, as well as reducing storage space.
  • Horses stay healthier as barns and stalls are cleaner, and dust free–fewer respiratory infections for your animals.
  • Only the finest, all natural ingredients are used in Sacate horse pellets. Suppliers are required to test products for aflatoxin and other unwanted substances that could prove harmful to your horses. Sacate pellets are lab tested to ensure further safety and quality.

By feeding your animals Sacate horse pellets in place of both grain and baled hay, you are not only increasing the nutrition you are feeding them, but you are decreasing your cost and storage hassles. Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc  offers alternative nutrition supplies in five great products: Thorough-Bred Complete Pellets, Standard-Bred Alfalfa Pellets, Bermuda-Blend Alfalfa/Bermuda Pellets, Sacate Alfalfa Cubes, and Sacate A-OK Cubes, for healthier, happier horses.  Whether your horses are for work, play, or just your best friends, maintaining their proper diet has never been easier or cost efficient than with Sacate horse pellets. If you want to eliminate costs, storage problems, and potential health hazards associated with standard grain and baled hay, switch to Sacate.