Where to Find Alfalfa Cubes for Sale

Alfalfa cubes are an important source of nutrition for many horses, but finding high quality alfalfa cubes for sale can be a little more intimidating than turning your horses out to pasture to graze or buying a few bales from a local hay farmer. Unsure how or where to find alfalfa cubes for sale? Here are a few tips.

  • Check local feed stores. Local feed stores usually have at least a couple different kinds of alfalfa cubes for sale. A large feed store or farm supply store will have a better selection than a smaller store. A reputable store will also be able to make recommendations, explain nutritional content, and answer questions. You can also make notes on what they carry and do your own research later.
  • Check online. Online is a good place to start if you need to know where to find a specific brand, as many mills list their dealers on their website. Most reputable feed mills also have information online about their feed’s nutritional content and quality, where they get their hay, and customer testimonials, which can help you to make an informed decision about what and how much to feed.
  • Ask for recommendations. The horse community generally offers a huge support network, so be sure to ask family, friends, and fellow boarders what they feed, whether they like it, and where they get it. Most horse people are choosy about what they feed their horses and will be happy to give you recommendations.

Whether your horse needs alfalfa cubes as a supplement, or as a straight-across replacement for grazing or hay, his health may depend on the quality of what you feed him. Shopping at a reputable feed store, asking for recommendations, and doing appropriate research online will help you to ensure your horse is getting the quality nutrition he needs.