Sacate Pellets Are High Quality

When it comes to your horse, it is a critical part of their health to feed them only the most nutritious diet. Here at Sacate Pellet Mills we sell the highest quality Sacate pellets to livestock owners across the southwest, providing you with a variety of options. Offering Thorough-Bread Complete and Standard-Bread Alfalfa Pellets, as well as Bermuda-Blend Alfalfa/Bermuda Pellets, each product is created with natural and locally grown ingredients to optimize the health of your horse.

If your horse is used for moderate to heavy work, is a nursing mare, weanling or yearling, Thorough-Bread Complete Pellets are the best choice available. With 12% crude protein, 2% crude fat, and 25% crude fiber, your horse will reap the benefits of this healthy pellet feed. With a blend of hay, corn, molasses and wheat bran, it is fully optimized with plenty of B and D vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Designed for horses needing the most nutritious of diets, you can’t get a healthier product than Sacate Pellet Mills Thorough-Bread Complete Pellets.

Offering the most versatility, horses used for all types of work can feel full benefits from Standard Bread Alfalfa Pellets. Containing 14% crude protein, 1.5% crude fat, and 28% crude fiber this blend is chock full of nutrients. Produced with hay and molasses, this option is also good for your nursing mare, weanling, or yearling as well. You can’t go wrong with this feed option, as it can provide benefits for nearly every horse you may have on your farm.

The third blend of Sacate pellets available for your horse is the Bermuda-Blend Alfalfa/Bermuda Pellets. This is a nutrient packed option for your horse if they are used for light to moderate work, or if they are a weanling or yearling. Offering a healthy blend of alfalfa hay, Bermuda straw, and molasses, these Sacate pellets offer a healthy diet for the smaller or less worked livestock on your farm. Filled with plenty of nutrients, the Bermuda Blend contains 10% protein, 1% crude fat, and 25% crude fiber.

No matter the pellets you choose for your beloved horse, Sacate Pellet Mills has something to benefit them. From the tiniest weanling to the heavy worked livestock there is an option for every type of horse on your farm. Whether for work or recreation, you can’t go wrong when you choose any option of Sacate pellets available here at Sacate Pellet Mills.