Why is Bermuda Hay Pellet Feed Best for Your Livestock’s Diet?

Bermuda hay pellets are a great alternative to baled hay and allow you to provide your livestock the diet they need. Sacate Pellet Mill formulates their hay pellet feed from 100 percent natural ingredients. The Bermuda hay pellet of Sacate is produced from ingredients that come from certified grain producers, ensuring you a quality product for your livestock.

Benefits of Bermuda Hay Pellet Feed

Fed to your livestock alone or blended with corn, minerals, and other nutrients, you can adjust the protein for the needs of each of your animals. A brood mare has different nutritional requirements than an older horse that spends its day in a paddock. Bermuda hay pellet feed is blended with Alfalfa that has crude protein of ten percent, or more, so adjusting feed requirements for your animals is easy and so is storage.

Sold by weight, an 80-pound bag will feed a horse, of average size, for five days. Consider the storage for one bag of feed compared to the space and clean up required for the equivalent amount of hay for the same period. For those without space for such storage, having sheep, ponies, horses or cattle can be out of reach. With Bermuda hay pellet feed you know that your animals are getting the best hay from fields that are weed free and produce hay just for Sacate Pellet Mill.

Have you tried Hay Pellet feed yet?

If you haven’t tried Bermuda pellet hay or another pellet blend for your livestock, you should find a bag at your local feed store and realize the ease of pelleted food and the nutritional benefits for your animals. Sacate Pellet Mills offers several varieties of pelleted feed for your livestock so find the one that best suits your needs.