Proper Nutrition is Vital to Gastric Ulcer Prevention in Horses

You love your horses, and feeding time provides intimate opportunities to strengthen your bond with these sentient creatures. They depend on you for a steady source of  tasty nutrition, particularly one that agrees with their delicate and sensitive digestive system. You know that providing a proper diet is the first line of defense in gastric ulcer prevention–a common medical condition many horses suffer. That’s why you choose to feed your equine family only the best feed pellets available.

Why Horses Are Prone to Ulcers

Horse anatomy, especially the esophageal region, is extremely specialized. Glandular tissue produces hydrochloric acid and pepsin which aide digestion, but means that the horse’s digestive system must produce other substances which off-set the acid and protect the rest of the system from damaging irritation. This is why horses graze constantly. Their stomachs must be full for the process to work correctly. Because of this, a horse’s diet must be balanced at all times. Two of the leading causes of equine stomach ulcers are  fasting, and poor quality feed. Horses need a good and constant source of roughage, so that they can produce acid-neutralizing saliva.

Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc 

You pride yourself on maintaining happy, healthy horses and stables. Sacate Pellet Mills shares your pride by providing you with the finest feed pellets available today. Made from locally grown alfalfa and 100% natural, Sacate horse feed is clean, safe, and designed to provide your horses with the nutrition they need. Equine gastric ulcers are the dangerous result of a poor diet, and can be very expensive to treat. Prevent them by feeding your horses lots of well-balanced meals.