hay cubes for horses

August 25, 2020
hay cubes for horses

Switching to a Hay Cube Diet

There are many reasons why people switch to hay cubes for horses. Sometimes there’s a health condition that necessitates it, such as bad teeth that make […]
July 21, 2016
hay cubes for horses

What Factors Define the Best Hay Cube for Horses?

Feed stores, stables, and horse owners alike understand the importance of feeding horses only high-quality feed products  that tend toward maximum health and performance. If you […]
May 16, 2016

3 Reasons Hay Cubes Are Your Best Alternative to Baled Hay

Hay cubes have adequate particle sizes that allow them to maintain normal digestive health while preventing wood chewing. High in nutrient content and easy to handle, […]
April 12, 2016
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Why Choose Alfalfa Hay Cubes Over Baled Hay?

Horses are such beautiful creatures, so whether you are a professional horse breeder, or a personal owner with a love for equines, you’ll want to do […]
January 14, 2016

Get The Best Hay Cubes For Horses At Sacate Pellet Mills!

Equines live by eating grass, and many horses are turned out to graze during the months when grass continues to grow. Pasturing is really the easiest […]
November 9, 2015

How Hay Cubes For Horses Are Made

If you’ve ever considered switching from baled hay to hay cubes for horses, you may be interested in the process used to produce these convenient packets […]