4 Reasons We Use Local Ingredients in Our Feed

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about buying local. As an equine feed producer, it’s always made sense for us to buy local ingredients whenever possible. Here are four important reasons why we buy local, and how it benefits you in turn.

Better Nutritional Value

The first and foremost reason why we buy local ingredients is that local means closer, and closer means fresher! Since hay loses progressively more of its nutritional value the longer it sits, using fresher hay in our pelleted feed means a higher quality end product, with less supplementation required to achieve the guaranteed nutritional content.

Better Quality Control

Another benefit of using local ingredients is better quality control. Buying local enables us to develop strong relationships with our hay farmers. We are able to inspect their fields and verify the quality of their crops, and can do more quality control on the hay we use in our pellets. All of this results in a better quality product for you, and better nutrition for your horse!

More Money in Your Pocket

Our customers get a great financial deal from our ingredients being sourced locally. The hay is produced closer to home, meaning that transportation costs aren’t as high.┬áNot having to transport as far means less fuel burned and a better deal for the environment, but where you’ll notice the difference is in the deal you get, as our customer.

Support Local Economy

Of course, one can’t forget one of the biggest reasons for the “buy local” movement: it supports the local economy. Just like with any local purchase, when we buy local ingredients, it supports local businesses and keeps money in the community. And since we in turn sell our feed through many local suppliers, we’re a part of the local economy, too.

More Than Just Local Ingredients

When you buy complete equine feed from Sacate Pellet Mills, you’re getting more than just a product made of local ingredients. You’re supporting a local business, which has in turn supported dozens of local businesses and local hay farmers. You’re supporting local horse people who depend on Sacate for their horses’ nutritional needs. You’re becoming part of the chain that supports the entire community.

For more information about our complete feeds and how we source our local ingredients, contact Sacate Pellet Mills today!