How Are Hay Cubes Better for Your Barn?

We talk a lot about how alfalfa hay cubes are a smart choice for your horse. They offer guaranteed nutrition, they make it easier to determine the ideal amount for weight and health, and they provide a good source of easily digestible nutrients for horses with bad teeth or health issues. But did you know hay cubes are also a smart choice for your barn? Here are a few reasons why.

Less Waste

It costs money to feed a horse, so the last thing you want is to be wasting feed. You see a lot of waste with hay. As horses eat, they scatter it, pick it over looking for fines, and trample it underfoot. Stemmy stalks of hay might not get eaten at all. Alfalfa hay cubes, on the other hand, eliminate all of those opportunities for waste. They’re served in a bucket or feeder that keeps them contained, the horse can easily find and eat anything that spills out, and you can make the meal into an irresistible mash by adding water. Your horses are happy, and your barn budget is too.

Less Mess to Clean Up

Hay doesn’t just make a mess when the horse eats it. It’s a mess everywhere, in the barn and in the aisles, and needs to be cleaned up regularly. It also attracts pests, and the more it’s not cleaned up, the worse they get. Bags of hay cubes, on the other hand, are sealed, ready to transport, and easy to stack. Feeding time is easier, feed is easier to measure out, and there’s little to no mess left behind afterward to clean up.

Fire Prevention

The risk of barn fires is very real, and dictates a lot of practices in the barn. Hay has to be stored a certain way to prevent it from spontaneously combusting due to heat and moisture, and aisles must be kept cleared of hay scraps to minimize the risk should a fire start. These risks are all resolved when storing and feeding alfalfa hay cubes. The perfect storm of elements that cause hay barns to be susceptible to fire are not an issue with bags of hay cubes, making them not just cleaner, but also a much safer alternative.

What’s Best for Your Horses and Your Barn

These are just a few reasons why alfalfa hay cubes might be the right choice, not only for your horses but also for your barn. For more information about our pelleted feed and how it makes your life easier, contact Sacate Pellet Mills today.