Give Your Horse Feed You Can Trust

Horses are special creatures. Anyone who owns them knows how good they are at getting into trouble, hurting themselves, or finding other ways to spend their owners’ paychecks. This is why one of the last things you want to have to worry about is their feed.

Our Commitment to Product Safety

At Sacate Pellet Mills, we know you have a lot invested in your horse, both financially and emotionally. That’s why we are committed to product safety and guaranteed nutrition. When you purchase Sacate’s pelleted performance feeds, you have peace of mind knowing that we’ve already done the legwork for you. The pellets have already been inspected for quality and tested for nutritional content. Here’s an overview of our process.

Quality Hay

The first step in producing quality feed for your horses is verifying the quality of the hay. All of the hay we use is locally grown in Arizona and Southern California, where the climate is ideal for hay growing, and where we can inspect and verify the quality of the hay we purchase. Before we process the hay into pellets, it’s inspected again and the nutritional content is tested.

Guaranteed Nutrition

When you purchase our pelleted feed, you’re purchasing a complete feed that is nutritionally balanced for the needs of your horse. To ensure that the product meets the guaranteed nutrition standards, we test the hay’s nutritional content as part of our inspection, and add supplements as needed. The end result is a product that simplifies feeding time for you, by ensuring that all you have to do is measure out one feed in order to provide your horse with everything he needs.

Clean, Convenient Packaging

Once the hay is formed into pellets, they are cooled and cut, and fines are removed to improve quality before bagging. One of the benefits of pelleted feeds is that it’s clean and convenient to transport, store, and feed. Our bags, the tops of which are hand-sewn to ensure they’re fully closed, can be stacked for storage and kept sealed until needed. Once it’s time, bags are easy to open and pellets can be measured out for precise feeding. This keeps the feed room clean and simplifies feeding time.

Feed Your Horse the Best

The quality of the feed you give your horse is important to his overall health. We know you have a lot riding on your horse (pun not intended), which is why we care so much about product safety and nutritional content. For more information about our pelleting process or our commitment to product safety, contact Sacate Pellet Mills today.