Three Reasons to Own an Arabian Horse

Because they have a reputation for being spooky and hot, many people are understandably reluctant to own Arabian horses. But while they certainly aren’t as laid back as many heavier breeds can be, Arabians have a lot going for them. Here are three reasons why Arabian horses might appeal to you.

They Have Plenty of Athleticism and Endurance

You’ll find Arabian horses in almost every discipline, especially in those that demand a lot of stamina, such as endurance racing. Arabians are lightly built, with more surface area (skin) per pound, which helps them cool their bodies more efficiently. They’re also surprisingly strong, sturdy horses for their light build, and they have seemingly unlimited energy, making them perfect for demanding disciplines.

They’re Great With Children

Because they are energetic horses, some may think that Arabians wouldn’t be appropriate horses for children. In truth, Arabians make great children’s horses. While you wouldn’t want to give a kid sole control over a young Arabian (or, really, any young horse), a mature Arabian makes a wonderful kids horse. Arabians tend to be intelligent, sensitive, and people-oriented. Plus, they are usually smaller horses, perfect for kids with short legs, and seem to have an instinctive sense of how to take care of small humans. This makes an Arabian a great choice for anyone who might be putting kids on the horse.

They Tend to Be Healthy and Long-Lived

Arabian horses are known for being a healthy, long-lived breed. Arabians can live into their mid 30s, and there have even been some that have lived into their 40s. Their genetics lend to fewer physical ailments than some other breeds, so as long as they can avoid colic, the biggest killer of horses, Arabians can live a long time! They’re also known for having tough, sound hooves with few problems. Vet and farrier care can make up a significant portion of the cost of owning a horse, so a healthy, sound horse is worth its weight in gold.

Feeding Arabian Horses

Most horses will get a little hot if overfed, due to the surplus of calories, but it’s especially important not to overfeed Arabians, since they are already naturally energetic. Pelleted feed makes a great way to feed Arabians, since the guaranteed nutritional content and the easily measurable pellets help you get feeding down to a science.

For more information about our pelleted feeds or for help determining which is best for your Arabian horse, contact Sacate Pellet Mills today.