How the Benefits of Feed Pellets Help Eliminate Waste

Horses can be expensive to care for and feed. Since so much of your money is tied up in feeding your horse, you’ll want to waste as little feed as possible. Fortunately the benefits of feed pellets make them an ideal feed for any horse owner who is conscious of cost and actively wants to reduce waste.

Here are four ways the benefits of feed pellets can help you save money by virtually eliminating waste.

No Mess

Let’s face it: Feeding a horse is a lot like feeding a toddler. They like to scatter their hay, nose around in it for the best bits, dunk it in their water, and eventually get around to eating the rest of it.  By this time the hay has been stomped on, ground into the dirt and mud, or simply blown away.

Pelleted feed, on the other hand, is easy to feed and harder to make a mess of. Pellets are easier for a horse to keep track of, harder to end up underfoot, and you can add water to make a mash that can easily be fed from a bucket or feeder.

No Overfeeding

Overfeeding is just as wasteful as letting your horse stomp it into the mud. In this case, you’re not only feeding more calories than the horse needs, you’re also getting an overweight and possibly overly-energized horse out of the deal. It’s a bad bargain all around.

The advantage of pelleted feed is that it makes it easier to fine-tune the amount you’re feeding, since the feed is easier to measure. With pellets, you always know the exact nutritional content of the feed, unlike hay or pasture, which can vary quite a bit. As noted above, you know everything you feed is being eaten, instead of lost or ruined. Simply measure the pellets out according to our feeding instructions, and adjust accordingly if you see your horse’s weight start to change.

No Lost Nutrients

As horses age, they have a harder time chewing and digesting their food, especially forage like grass and hay. Part of this is because their teeth eventually stop growing and become worn down, making it impossible for them to chew the fibers well enough to release the nutrients. Nutrients that pass straight through without benefiting your horse wastes the feed (and your money!) just as much as if you flushed it down the toilet.

Fortunately, by making your horse’s feed easier to chew and digest, you can all but eliminate this form of waste. Pelleted feed is excellent for horses with dental issues because you can add water to make a soft, easy-to-eat mash that horses love. Because the pelleting process has already broken up the hay fibers, your old or ill horse also won’t have any trouble digesting such a mash.

No Hay Scraps

Sometimes feed waste has nothing to do with the horse, and everything to do with how it is transported and stored. Baled hay constantly sheds bits and pieces of hay, and anyone who has walked down the aisle of a barn knows how much hay falls off the flakes and gets wasted underfoot. Pelleted feed provides a clean solution that’s easy to transport and store, without the perpetual waste that many horse owners are accustomed to.

Eliminating Waste

Once you get started eliminating the waste from messy feed, you realize exactly how much money you were throwing down the tubes. For more information on the benefits of feed pellets, contact Sacate Pellet Mills today.