Support Equine Health Care with Sacate Pellets

The best diet for your horse is one that supports good equine health care. For a healthy horse at a normal weight, this might not require anything more than setting him loose in a pasture or giving him his daily hay. But for a horse whose health is best defined as “special needs,” determining the best diet suddenly becomes a much more crucial process.

  • Pellets are easy to chew and/or digest: Sacate pellets are ideal for horses who have dental issues, or who aren’t able to easily digest forage. The pellets soften quickly when mixed with water to make a mash, making it easy to chew. Due to the processing of the hay at the pellet mill, hay pellets and cubes are also easier for the horse’s system to digest, an advantage when dental problems or illness make digestion an issue.
  • Pellets support weight loss and maintenance: Overweight horses and those with conditions such as Cushings and equine metabolic syndrome require strict control over their diet in order to lose weight and/or prevent weight gain. Feeding hay is a relatively inexact science, as many different variables can impact nutrition: weight, type of hay, when it was harvested, and so on. To make matters worse, an undetermined amount of hay is wasted with every feeding. But with pelleted feed, you know the exact nutritional content you’re feeding, and it’s easy to measure out precise amounts to help your horse lose or maintain their weight.
  • Pellets assist in weight gain: For underweight horses needing to gain weight, hard keepers who have a difficult time maintaining it, and horses under tough work programs that burn a lot of calories, gaining and maintaining weight can be challenging. The guaranteed nutrition of pelleted feed, as well as the ability to precisely measure out the correct amount, support weight gain and maintenance of a healthy weight.
  • Pellets meet specific nutritional needs: For horses with specific nutritional needs, it’s more important than ever to know the nutritional content of their feed. Pelleted feed, with its guaranteed nutritional analysis, offers a balanced feed that takes the guesswork out of feedingĀ and may even eliminate the need for nutritional supplements.

Supporting equine health care is a tough job that not every feed can do. Luckily Sacate Pellet Mills offer a variety of types of feed, each of them specially designed to support a different set of nutritional requirements.