Introducing Sacate A-OK Cubes

Many horse owners already know the benefits of feeding “mix” hay: a mixture of alfalfa and grass hay that boosts the nutrients in a horse’s diet, but not quite as much as feeding straight alfalfa. Sacate A-OK cubes combines alfalfa with oat hay for a slightly richer feed that is perfect for older horses and those in moderate to heavy work programs.

Sacate A-OK cubes are guaranteed to provide a 14 percent protein content. Compare this to the Bermuda Blend pellets, which provide a 10 percent protein content, which isn’t enough for horses who have higher energy requirements, such as older horses and hard keepers, as well as horses in a harder work program. Meanwhile, Sacate alfalfa cubes provides 15 percent protein, which is too much for many horses and can cause them to become “hot” from the excess energy they consume.

Oat hay also has the benefit of being a high fiber hay, which is important for horses. The A-OK cubes guarantee a fiber content of 30 percent.

There are several advantages to feeding our alfalfa and oat hay cubes over mix hay. For example:

  • Guaranteed nutritional content means you know what you’re feeding your horses every time.
  • Pelleted feed makes an easy way to measure and feed, minimizing waste and overfeeding.
  • Soaking the pellets also makes it easy to feed hard keepers and horses with dental issues by making an easy-to-chew mash.

For more information about the A-OK cubes and the other pelleted and cubed feeds we offer, please contact Sacate Pellet Mills.