3 Ways Sacate Pellet Mill Helps Reduce Waste

When feeding horses and livestock, making the most of your feed is important. Wasted feed and nutrients means wasted money in the long run. While hay can lead to a lot of waste, pelleted feed from Sacate Pellet Mill enables you to recoup those losses and make sure every dollar you spend is doing what’s it’s supposed to: Keeping your animals fed and healthy.

Here are three ways that pelleted feed helps  reduce waste.

Less Mess

Hay is a messy feed. It typically gets scattered as it is consumed and some of it inevitably gets trampled into the ground and lost.  It can even get scattered and lost as hay bales are moved around and flakes are pulled off and fed. Using hay bags and sweeping up hay scraps can help, but only so much.

Pelleted feed, on the other hand, reduces, or even eliminates, this possibility of lost feed. It is transported in bags, making it much less likely to be lost in transport or at feeding time. Pellets also can be fed in a feeder or soaked to prevent it from getting scattered and trampled.

Fewer Wasted Nutrients

Sometimes the waste isn’t only due to scattered hay, but also to the nutrients that fail to be properly digested. Old horses and horses with dental problems aren’t always able to fully chew or digest hay, which then passes straight through their systems without being properly utilized by their bodies. Pelleted feed is much easier to digest and soaking the pellets makes the nutrients even more digestible by making it easier to chew. For hard keepers, investing in pelleted feed is the best way to ensure your money goes where it’s intended: into maintaining your horse’s weight and overall health.

Reduced Overfeeding

Another major advantage to pelleted feed is that you can be exact the portions you feed. Animals are fed by weight, rather than by flake, which is a much less precise method of measuring a horse’s food. How much is fed can easily be adjusted up or down in order to promote weight gain or loss or to keep their current weight maintained. Each animal gets exactly as much feed as they need.

Horse and livestock owners know how important it is to make the most of every dollar, especially when it comes to feed. Contact Sacate Pellet Mill today to achieve that goal with pelleted feed.