Advantages of Selecting a Pelletized Feed

Feeding your horses and cattle can be a complicated process.  If the pasture grass becomes inadequate or if you receive hay that is not nutritionally sufficient enough for your horse’s diet, problems can arise.  So how can you  be sure that you are feeding your horse the nutrients they need without leaving their food supply subject to things out of your control?  Pellet feeds could be the answer.

An All In One Meal Plan

Rather than worrying about selecting and storing numerous types of grains, you can purchase a pelletized feed which has been specifically mixed by nutritionists. These take into account the product safety for each horse to provide all of the nutrients that both working horses and Thoroughbreds need to  stay healthy.

Works for Horses of Varying Ages

Pelletized feeds can be modified for horses of various ages, weights, and other factors.  For example, older horses typically have more difficulty in digesting hay. Feeds tailored to senior horses can help them to more easily digest their meals.  In addition, feeds can also be tailored to factors such as pregnant mares, overweight horses, or horses with certain medical conditions.


Some may say that feeds are more expensive than purchasing hay.  On the contrary, the waste resulting from scattered hay or a bale of hay that has gone bad makes feed purchases an overall less expensive choice.

Raising horses is hard work and feeding them can take a lot of work.  A pelletized feed as a supplement to your hay or grass feedings can ensure that your horse stays at as healthy as possible.

If you have any questions regarding the advantages of selecting a pelletized feed for your horses or cattle or to learn more about our products and the steps we take to ensure the highest quality ingredients and product safety, please feel free to contact us today for more information.