What are Thorough-Bread Complete Pellets?

Horses that are in moderate to heavy work programs, pregnant or nursing mares, young horses, and old horses may all benefit from a complete feed, such as Sacate’s Thorough-Bread Complete Pellets. The complete nutrition, guaranteed nutritional content, and high quality of these pellets will ensure plenty of energy for your horse’s needs. What exactly is a complete pellet, and why does your horse need it?

What is a Complete Pellet?

Thorough-Bread Complete Pellets are designed with your horse’s overall diet in mind. This means that unlike something that is fed as a supplement,┬áto “fill in” missing nutrients your horse gets from hay or pasture, these pellets can be fed as your horse’s only source of nutrition. A complete feed ensures that the average horse’s dietary needs will be fully met, without requiring any additional supplementation.

Guaranteed Nutritional Content

Another advantage of a complete pelleted feed is the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’re feeding. Thorough-Bread pellets are tested and manufactured to exacting specifications so every bag delivers exactly what it says. As a result, you can rest easy knowing your horse is getting everything he needs from his diet.

Guaranteed Quality

The ingredients that go into your horse’s feed are important, as they determine the quality of the finished product. Sacate carefully chooses hay suppliers for all pelleted feed, including Thorough-Bread Complete Pellets. Hay is inspected in the field where it grows, and again prior to processing the hay into pellets. Likewise, Sacate’s grain suppliers are required to complete a certification compliance program and to test the grain regularly for harmful substances. The end result is a high-quality pellet you can trust to supply your horse with all of its nutritional needs.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

With its guaranteed nutritional content and quality, a complete pelleted feed provides important energy and nourishment for your horse. Being able to count on getting all your horse’s nutritional needs in one place simplifies your feeding routine and gives you peace of mind. For more information about Thorough-Bread Complete Pellets, or to find out which type of pelleted feed would be right for your horse, contact Sacate Pellet Mills.