Bermuda Hay Pellets: An Easier Way to Travel

If you travel with your horse a lot, you know the drill: Load up the tack. Load up all of the hay. Load up the horse with his hay net. Spend the rest of the trip wrestling with hay and hay bags, cleaning up spilled hay, and trying to get the horse to drink.

Many of the challenges of feeding your horse on the road are easily resolved when you feed bermuda hay pellets. Here are several advantages of feeding pellets over hay when you travel.

  • Less bulk: Bermuda hay pellets are less bulky and travel easier than baled hay. Because feed pellets are compressed, a day’s worth of feed takes up considerably less space than a day’s worth of hay. Save the much-needed space for tack, trunks, show clothes, and other necessities on the road.
  • Less mess: Compressing and forming the feed into pellets has the added advantage of making less of a mess than hay bales. Baled hay tends to dribble a little everywhere you take them, no matter how tightly they’re baled. That means hay in your tack room, the bed of your truck, your trailer, tack trunk, and even in your clothes.
  • Less waste: All of that hay that dribbles everywhere is of course wasted. In addition, horses tend to waste a lot just in eating it. The custom when traveling with a horse is to tie a hay net in the trailer to keep the horse busy on the road, or on the side of the trailer while grooming and tacking. Unfortunately a lot of hay is lost this way, mixing with the shavings in the trailer or blowing away outside.
  • Better hydration: Some horses are reluctant to drink on the road, making dehydration a real problem while traveling. Horse owners try numerous tricks to keep their horses drinking, from bringing a tank of water from home to adding something tasty like Gatorade to the water. Feeding a mash of bermuda hay pellets and water can help iffy drinkers get enough water on the road.

Whether you show your horse, participate in endurance races, or just enjoy exploring different trails, there are so many things to make sure you pack when you travel with your horse. Feeding bermuda hay pellets on the road makes one piece of travel easier, so you can focus on making sure you have everything else you need, too.