Sacate Pellet Producers Based in Arizona

Pellet feeds provide a convenient, palatable form of nutrition for horses and cattle, which are readily available within the southwestern portion of the United States through Sacate Pellet producers. Offering three different formulations with varying mixtures of alfalfa and/or bermuda hays, corn, molasses and nutritional supplements, horse and cattle owners will be able to meet the nutritional needs of all their animals from birth through old age.

Animal Feed Pellet Producers Located in AZ

Sunny and dry Arizona weather is ideal for the growth of alfalfa hay, a primary ingredient in all three Sacate Pellet formulations. We source our ingredients from local suppliers in AZ, as well as Southern CA, to reduce the overall cost of our pellets. Because pure alfalfa hay tends to be too calorie rich for some horses, we also source locally grown Bermuda hay to mix with alfalfa in our Bermuda-blend pellets.  We ensure that the locally grown corn used in our pellets is non-genetically modified.

Convenience for Single Horses Owners to Large Scale Cattle Feeders

Because our pellet formulations are available in bagged form as well as in bulk, anyone from a single horse owner to managers of large cattle operations will find a convenient method of feeding the best Sacate Pellet formulation to their animals. Pellets are available directly from the manufacturing facility, as well as through numerous local distributors for your added convenience.

Different Formulations for All Animals

Young animals, pregnant and/or lactating females, and animals undergoing heavy workloads do best with our thorough-bread pellets, designed to be a complete feed providing plenty of caloric value to keep hard working animals fit. Standard-bread pellets are primarily alfalfa hay and can be used for complete nutrition for average horses or cows or a convenient roughage replacement or addition to lower quality hays. For older animals or as a roughage replacement intended to be supplemented with other feeds, our Bermuda-blend pellets offer convenient nutrition that is safe for all animals.

Streamline and Upgrade the Feeding of Your Animals

Switching to the Sacate Pellet formulation that best meets the nutritional needs of your horses and/or cows will not only streamline and simplify your operation, but will likely improve the overall nutritional intake of your stock. Our quality controls ensure all pellets contain maximum nutritional value, something that cannot always be said of traditional baled hay which varies in quality.