Advantages of an All-Natural Feed Pellet Mill

Do you know what’s in your horse’s feed? Knowing exactly what your horse is eating is one of the biggest advantages to getting your horse’s feed from an all-natural feed pellet mill. Here are several things you can count on in your horse’s feed when you buy it from a quality feed mill.

  • Type of hay: There are many different types of hay, but because the different kinds vary so much in their nutritional content, not every kind is right for every horse. Pasture, and even hay, can vary widely in what type of hay your horse is getting, so when you buy hay pellets from a mill that closely monitors the type and quality of the hay, you’ll always know exactly what your horse is eating.
  • Nutritional content: For many horsesĀ it’s vital that they are fed a specific amount of calories and nutrients, and the best way to be sure of this is to get your feed from an all-natural feed pellet mill. Horses that are very active, or that need a certain diet because of a health condition or age, benefit the most from eating a feed with guaranteed nutritional content.
  • Natural ingredients: How much do you know about the hay you feed your horses? One of the advantages to buying hay from an all-natural feed pellet mill is knowing that the ingredients in your horse’s feed have passed inspection, every step of the way. A quality mill will monitor the grass or alfalfa right in the field, as well as inspecting the finished hay before processing it. In addition, some mills, like Sacate, guarantee that any corn used in the feed is non-GMO.

You put a lot of time, money, and effort into your horse, and keeping him healthy is an important part of that. Hay pellets from an all-natural feed pellet mill gives him (and you!) the best shot by making sure you know exactly what he eats.