3 Different Pellets Produced at Sacate Horse Feed Mill

Horse owners in the southwestern states may be interested in learning about the different types of horse pellets produced at Sacate horse feed mill. Regardless of if your horse is older, a less active pleasure animal, a hard worker, or brood mare, you’ll be able to find a pellet formulation that ideally meets all of their nutritional needs.

Three Different Pellets to Meet the Needs of All Horses

Different horses have different nutritional needs. An older pleasure horse will likely do very well on a mix of grass and alfalfa hay, while hard working animals, as well as pregnant and lactating females will require far more calories to keep fit. In order to meet the nutritional needs of all horses, Sacate horse feed mill produces three different pellet formulations, with varying amounts of alfalfa and bermuda hays, corn, molasses, and/or nutritional supplements.

Thorough-Bread Pellets for Heavy Workloads

Young, growing horses need plenty of nutrition for growth, while pregnant and lactating females need all the extra nutrition they can get in order to support the well being of their foals. Hard working animals burn large amounts of calories and require a feed that allows them to stay fit. For these animals, thorough-bread pellets containing a mix of alfalfa hay, corn, molasses and a variety of nutritional supplements will ideally meet all of their nutritional needs.

Standard-Bread Pellets for the Average Horse

Standard bread pellets contain alfalfa hay, molasses, and phosphoric acid, providing the ideal balance of nutrition for the average horse. Some feeders also choose to feed standard-bread pellets as the roughage in their horses’ diet and supplement with hay that is locally available.

Bermuda Blend Pellets Perfect for Light Workloads

Horses that are relatively sedentary, tend to gain too much weight on alfalfa hay alone, so our Bermuda blend pellets are created with a mix of alfalfa and Bermuda hays. The addition of molasses and phosphoric acid make these pellets a complete feed for horses under light loads of work and can also be used as a roughage replacement for harder working animals, provided additional feeds are added to their diet.

Dedicated to Animal Health

Sacate horse feed mill is dedicated to the health and well being of horses and their owners alike. By providing three different pellet formulations in a clean, convenient form, horse owners can be assured their animals will receive excellent nutrition in a highly desirable form.