Best Alfalfa Cubes For Sale

Your horses and cattle deserve only the best when you are looking for alfalfa cubes for sale.  Sacate Pellet Mills has been the name to trust for over 30 years for the finest horse and cattle pellets and alfalfa cubes.

What makes a Sacate pellet or alfalfa cube better than the rest?  It starts with what doesn’t go into the products.  Sacate sources only the best local alfalfa hay and Bermuda.  All pellets and alfalfa cubes for sale are 100 percent natural, free from additives and fillers, and also non-GMO.

Feeding pellets and alfalfa cubes offers several distinct advantages compared to feeding hay.  You will experience about a 10 percent savings in feed waste compared to baled hay.  Pellet and alfalfa cube bags are much easier to store.  Baled hay contains dust which is harmful to your horses and cattle, and the dust is eliminated when you switch to pellets and cubes.

Sacate offers several pellet and alfalfa cube varieties to meet your livestock’s feed needs.  Each variety is carefully formulated and quality-controlled to ensure you get the best results.  Sacate lab tests each of its products for nutritional content and you are guaranteed to get the protein, vitamin, and mineral percentages listed on the bag.  Sacate’s commitment to quality and safety extends beyond its plants too, since Sacate requires its suppliers to test for dangerous substances.

You will also see a difference in Sacate’s commitment to customer service.  Sacate has built its reputation by providing superior customer service to its customers throughout Arizona, the Southwest, and nationwide.  The company guarantees the quality and accuracy of every order.  If something is not correct, Sacate takes every measure to correct it.