Best Animal Feed Pellet Mill for Your Money

When you are looking for the best in an animal feed pellet mill, think about the quality of ingredients and the best service available. Sacate Pellet Mills has been in business since 1985 and started out producing one, high-quality brand of feed pellet.

Since 1985Sacate Pellet Mills has grown to include three high-quality brand pellets specifically for different types of animals.

.     The Standard Breed Pellet is a molasses alfalfa pellet meant for balanced nutrition and meeting the everyday needs of large animals.

.     The Thorough-Bred Pellet is made specifically for brood mares and high energy output working or racing animals that           require more energy during their day.

.     The Bermuda Blend Pellet, Sacate’s best seller, is designed with the older or light duty animal in mind. Made with Alfalfa hay, Bermuda straw and cane, this pellet offers complete, balanced nutrition.

The animal feed pellet mill produces pellets that are less waste than standard bales of hay with more nutrition. On average, an eighty-pound bag of pellets will feed an average horse over five days.

Sacate Pellet Mill is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and services the southwestern United States, while also offering shipping nationwide. Shipping goes according to weight and is strictly enforced when loading and unloading.

When you have a choice in an animal pellet feed mill,  Sacate Pellet Mill is the best option with high-quality products and excellent customer service.