Sacate Uses Only Locally-Sourced Ingredients for Animal Feed

Making sure you get the most from your cattle and horses is making sure they’re eating correctly balanced feed. High quality feed means your animals grow properly and are healthy. Feeding a high quality feed also means optimal food conversion which means you’ll be able to get more while feeding less.

While you want to make sure you’re feeding your horses and cattle the best possible feed, you also have to be aware of your expenses and save money whenever possible. When you purchase Sacate feed you’ll enjoy being saving money without compromising the quality of your livestocks nutrition.

Not only do we pay careful attention to the quality of the ingredients used to make Sacate cattle and horse pellets, we’re also committed to using ingredients that have been grown by local producers. Our commitment to using locally grown ingredients allows us to save money on transportation costs. It also means our feed is as fresh as it can possibly be. Based on the way your horses and cattle gobble it up without wasting it will confirm that freshly made feed tastes great.

Purchasing only locally grown ingredients is just one of the things we do to help support the local agriculture community.

When you feed Sacate animal feed to your cattle and horses, you can rest assured that everything they’re consuming is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any artificial fillers and additives.

Contact us if you’d like to know more about the ingredients we use to create our high quality Sacate animal feed.