Facts About Animal Feed Pellets

For those who care for a variety of animals, having the proper animal feed pellets can mean the difference between having happy, healthy animals and ones with continuous health issues. Are you seeking more information in terms of which type of pellet if right for your animals? You’ve come to the right place!

Types of Pellets

Offering three types of animal feed pellets, each individual should perform their due diligence before deciding which pellets are the best option. Sacate Pellet Mills Inc. proudly offers the following pellet types:

Quality of Pellets

Offering high-quality, all natural animal feed pellets, Sacate only produces pellets that are free of dyes, are formulated to meet nutritional requirements, livestock-specific pellets containing less protein, and pellets that provide a healthy balance of their premium ingredients such as bermuda, alfalfa hay, and cane molasses. With strict quality control procedures, these feed pellets are manufactured in a state-of-the-art pellet mill. Presently meeting the needs of an array of feed store dealers, stables, cattle feeders, and the like, our high-quality feed pellets are favored amongst animal caretakers as well as the animals themselves.