A Step Above The Rest – All Natural Feed Pellet Mill

Finding the Right Pellet

You have a horse, now what do you feed them besides carrots? One thing to remember, all-natural food is the way to go. This will allow for better digestion, performance enhancement and a longer life.

All-natural Feed Pellet Mill

Finding a place that provides 100 percent all natural ingredients is hard in today’s market. However, one all-natural feed pellet mill, Sacate Pellet Mills, INC., produces top of the line, all natural feed. They offer a variety of feed choices for any type of horse.

Product Line

Depending on the type of horse or horses the owner has, Sacate offers a mix and blend that will balance the nutrition of the horse, whether they are a yearling or a high performance steed.

Thorough-Bread Complete – This unique feed works well with nursing mares, weanlings, yearlings and moderate to hard working horses.
Standard-Bread Alfalfa – This blend of feed works like the thorough-bread feed, however, it is made with sun-cured alfalfa, cane molasses and phosphoric acid.
Bermuda-Blend (Bermuda and Alfalfa) – Rounding out their feed products, Sacate has blended together Bermuda and Alfalfa for the light working horse.
Sacate also provides two different types of cubes. The alfalfa cube has the exact same nutritional value as the standard-bread alfalfa pellet. The other cube is known as the A-ok cube. This unique cube gives the horse the same benefits as the standard-bread alfalfa feed except they added oats as one of the ingredients.

Making a Choice

Feeding an animal is important, especially if that animal could potentially be your livelihood. Knowing that all natural ingredients have been used to produce the highest of quality feed, is a must. Sacate, your all-natural feed pellet mill, is there for you with great products and a guarantee of safe all-natural products. They have been proudly serving the southwestern states of the U.S. since 1985. When in need for feed, think Sacate.