Quality Animal Feed Produced With Fresh, Local Ingredients

You want what’s best for your animals, and that means providing them with feed that is safe, fresh and nutritious. Sacate Pellet Mills is dedicated to providing quality animal feed for horse and cattle. Offering a range of feeds for animals with various nutrient needs, Sacate makes it easy to provide your animals with the best.

What Sets Sacate Apart From the Competition?

The alfalfa and Bermuda grasses used in Sacate feeds are locally grown. This way, you know where your animal’s food is coming from. There’s no worry about potentially dangerous foreign pests or plants being introduced to your farm or fed to your animals. The corn used in our products has not been genetically modified. All of the ingredients are fresh, so you do not have to worry about mold, rot, or related health hazards.

What Types of Animal Feeds does Sacate Offer?

Sacate Pellet Mills offers three types of pelleted feeds and two types of hay cubes. This variety ensures that you are able to find a feed that’s right for your animal’s particular nutrient needs.

  • Thorough-Bread Complete Horse Pellets are designed for horses in heavy work, nursing mares, weanlings, and other horses with high energy needs. They provide approximately 12% crude protein, 2% crude fat, and 25% crude fiber. As a complete feed, they are intended to replace a standard hay-and-grain ration.
  • Standard-Bread Alfalfa Pellets are a forage option for horses in light to moderate work, weanlings, yearlings, and nursing mares. Made primarily from sun-cured alfalfa hay, they provide approximately 14% protein, 1.5% fat, and 28% fiber. They’re a great option for older horses who may have trouble chewing hay.
  • Bermuda Blend Pellets are a lower-protein forage option for horses in light to moderate work. They are made from a combination of alfalfa and Bermudagrass and offer approximately 10% crude protein, 1% crude fat, and 25% fiber.
  • Sacate Alfalfa Cubes consist of only sun-cured alfalfa hay in a convenient cubed form. They can be fed soaked or unsoaked to horses or cattle and provide approximately 15% protein, 1.5% fat, and 30% fiber.
  • Sacate A-OK Cubes combine alfalfa and oat hays in convenient cubes. Offering approximately 14% protein, 1% fat, and 30% fiber, they can be fed to both horses and cattle.

To learn more about the animal feed that’s best for your stock, get in touch with the livestock experts at Sacate Pellet Mills.