All About Pelleted Horse Feeds

Understanding pelleted horse feeds is essential for horse and cattle feed users. Knowing how to utilize pelleted feed and understanding the different varieties of pelleted feeds on the market is valuable information, both for you and your animals.

Pelleted Horse Feeds

You may be asking yourself: What’s the fuss is about pelleted horse feeds anyway? When has the long-standing tradition of feeding cattle and horses with simple hay become so passé? Is it a trend or is there substance behind the feed pellet movement?

Truth be told, feed pellets are essentially just a more efficient, specially designed hay feed product. The consistency and texture is obviously different from regular hay, but the nutritional content and makeup is better. Plus, feed pellets are highly cost effective and function similarly or better than hay in all the ways that really matter.


Sacate offers three specific varieties of pelleted feed. Each serves a slightly different purpose. Choosing the right feed pellet for your animals will depend on your animal’s age, it’s workload and a number of other characteristics.

  1. Thorough-Bread Pellets: The thoroughbred feed pellet composition is nutritionally designed for optimum nutrition for nursing mares, weanlings and yearlings.
  2. Standard-Bread Pellets: This standard pellet serves as a nice blend for cases where the breed, age or biological situation of a horse or cattle does not fall into a Thoroughbred or Bermuda blend diet.
  3. Bermuda Blend Pellets: This blend is heavy in alfalfa and contains only a few simple ingredients — like straw and molasses. This blend is designed for moderate and light work horses, as well as for yearlings and weanlings.

An increasing number of farmers and horse owners are purchasing feed pellets for their animals. So don’t delay. Purchase the perfect feed pellet for your animals today by contacting the pellet professionals at Sacate Pellet Mills!