Get The Best Hay Cubes For Horses At Sacate Pellet Mills!

Equines live by eating grass, and many horses are turned out to graze during the months when grass continues to grow. Pasturing is really the easiest and healthiest way to provide forage for these animals, but cold weather or drought can quickly stop the growth of even the hardiest plants. The most common solution to this problem is to begin feeding hay to your horse as a supplement. Good quality, sun-cured hay provides all the nutrition required by the average horse that is used for an occasional trail ride, but young horses, performance horses and brood mares need additional nutrition.

Locating High Quality Hay

If you are a stable or private horse owner in the southwestern area of the United States you may sometimes have difficulty locating and purchasing high quality hay for your animals. Hay shortages can happen due to drought conditions or weather that is unfavorable for cutting, curing and baling good quality hay. Dusty or moldy hay must not be used to feed horses since this can result in serious respiratory problems or colic. Instead, hay cubes for horses may be your best answer when baled hay is scarce and expensive.

Sacate Pellet Mills

Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc. of Laveen, Arizona offers alfalfa hay cubes for horses that are consistent in nutritional value, cost effective and convenient to store and feed to your horses. Not only can you feel secure knowing that you will have access to high quality feed for your valuable horses when needed, but you will see a substantial reduction in waste when compared to feeding hay. Whether you only need to supplement your available pasture or hay supply or provide complete forage, you won’t regret keeping a supply of Sacate Mills alfalfa hay cubes for horses on hand.

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