Treat Your Animals To A Nutritious Meal They’ll Enjoy!

No matter how young or old, horses are known to relish alfalfa hay. With its tender green leaves that are easy to digest and low in fiber, its no surprise that most horse owners report alfalfa as a favorite food for nearly all their horses. In some cases, obtaining baled alfalfa hay can be challenging or inconvenient, but feed pellets containing sun-cured alfalfa hay along with additional nutritious ingredients provides an opportunity for all horses to enjoy this nutritious feed all year long.

Different Pellets For Different Needs

Naturally, the nutritional needs of brood mares or hard working animals are much higher than less active or older horses; at Sacate we produce the following three blends of feed pellets for horses at all stages of life:

  • Thorough-Bread Mix contains alfalfa hay with additional high energy feeds for the most active or nutritionally needy horses.
  • Standard-Bread Mix is composed of pure alfalfa hay with nutritional supplements added to meet the day to day needs of most horses.
  • Bermuda-Blend Alfalfa/Bermuda Pellets containing a mix of alfalfa and Bermuda hays for older or less active horses.

Convenience And Less Wasted Feed

As information about feed pellets spreads, more horse owners are realizing just how easy it is to treat their animals to one of the most nutritious feeds available. Because pellets are conveniently packaged and result in much less feed being “wasted” by picky eaters, they are becoming a very attractive option. One 80 lb. sack will feed an average horse for five days, making it efficient to simplify your feeding with the use of clean pellets that provide balanced nutrition obtained from higher quality hays than may be locally available in traditional baled form.

Dry Or Moistened?

Some horse owners report their horses prefer to have their feed pellets moistened beforehand, while others say their animals gladly eat their full portion straight out of the bag. Regardless of whether your horses are happy with dry feed or prefer pellet soup, you’re sure to keep them happy and healthy by providing a high quality pelleted feed enriched with nutritional supplements. As long as each horse has access to a clean, plentiful water supply, pellets consumed in both the moist and dry states can be properly digested and thoroughly enjoyed!