Alfalfa Cubes For Horses Help In Minimizing Waste

Wasted feed is a big problem for horse owners. Loose hay blows away or gets stomped into the dirt and mud, rendering it inedible. Grain too gets scattered as horses eat. And, wasted feed means wasted money, as that hay and grain contains valuable calories your horses won’t get.

Here are a few ideas for minimizing waste.

  • Have your horses’ teeth floated regularly. Having the vet out to float your horses’ teeth regularly keeps their jaws’ grinding action working as nature intended, so that they can get all of the available nutrients out of their feed. Horses with bad teeth usually end up with sore mouths that cause them to either eat less, or chew less efficiently than they should, sacrificing calories and nutrients as a result. Keeping your horses’ teeth in good shape will save you money on feed in the long run.
  • Look for ways to feed that reduce waste. There are various ways to feed that will help prevent your horse from scattering so much of their hay and grain while they eat. You can feed hay in big troughs or on rubber mats to prevent it from being stomped into the mud and wasted. Feeding someplace out of the wind will help to prevent hay from blowing away. Slow feeding nets and devices also help to prevent horses from scattering their hay, while wide, shallow grain pans slow horses’ eating and make it more likely that dropped grain will fall back into the pan instead of into the dirt.
  • Switch to pelleted feed. No matter what you do to try to prevent waste, a little will always be wasted when you feed hay. By switching to pelleted hay or alfalfa cubes for horses, you will be preventing the eating habits that lead to wasted hay, not to mention preventing your feed from being scattered by wind or ruined by rain or mud. Plus, old horses or those with chronically bad teeth will find it easier to eat and digest soaked hay pellets, resulting in their bodies getting more of the nutrients in the feed.

If wasted feed is a problem for you, or if you want to ensure that your horses are getting more nutrients, Sacate Pellet Mills can help. Contact us today for more information about our alfalfa cubes for horses.