Looking For A Feed Pellet Mill? Go Local

After researching the options, you’ve decided to make the switch to pelleted feed and are looking for a feed pellet mill to provide you with top quality products and excellent customer service. From looking at the descriptions of a variety of feeds, you know that there are several available, but many of them are full of additives, fillers, and dyes. You want safe, healthy, natural ingredients and aren’t sure where to start.

Go Local

This is where buying from a local feed pellet mill gives you a tremendous advantage. Owners and employees of local feed mills are often personally involved in all facets of the industry. Not only do they grow the hay and grains that go into their feeds, they own livestock and understand the importance of having the right feed for each animal. And, because they are involved in the production of their products and use them themselves, they know them thoroughly and are reliable sources of information and advice.

Whether you have a single aging horse with special nutritional needs or an entire herd of beef cattle, working with a local company can help you make better-informed decisions and provide you with specific information on the products that are most likely to meet your needs. Having access to this type of personalized, knowledgeable service saves valuable time and prevents you from having to go through the hassle of changing feeds multiple times to find the right product. Buying your feed directly from a local feed pellet mill ensures that you get the right product for the right animal, the first time.

High Quality

Local feed mills also have a vested interest in producing consistent, quality-tested feed through sustainable farming, processing, and manufacturing methods. Managing the land and natural resources in an environmentally responsible way ensures long-term sustainability. This is vital to their long-term success, and so is giving back to the community by providing local jobs and business opportunities and investing in the local economy. When you buy directly from your local feed pellet mill, everybody wins.

Buy Sacate

Here at Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc. we take pride in manufacturing wholesome, quality-tested feeds from natural, locally grown products and in providing excellent service to our customers. We are active in our local community and are proud of our role in promoting community involvement and sustainable agriculture. Contact us for information on our products and delivery services.