Sacate – A Trusted, Local Pellet Mill

Picking a pellet mill doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is Sacate!

Sacate Pellet Mills is a top producing pellet mill in Arizona. It has been around since 1985 when they began producing an alfalfa-molasses pellet. They offer a variety of pellets to their customers including a Standard-Bread pellet and a Thorough Bread pellet, designed for heavy workload horses and broodmares. They also produce a pellet formulated for livestock needs, the Bermuda-Blend pellet. It provides your livestock with a mix of Bermuda hay, cane molasses and alfalfa hay.

High Quality

You know you’re getting quality feed from Sacate as they use only the highest quality ingredients with strict quality control. Despite the fact that Arizona does not require feed to be certified as “weed-free”, Sacate uses only alfalfa of the highest grade which has been inspected for weeds.

Better Nutrition

Pellets have gained popularity as a feeding option as they provide your horse with a much cleaner and nutritionally balanced feed. Pellets are much easier to handle and involve less waste than a bale of alfalfa. If you are feeding a recreational horse; an 80 pound bag of pellets will feed your animal for over five days.

Pellets 101

Feed pellets are typically 3/8 inches in diameter and about 1 1/2 inches long. The condition of the raw materials will affect the quality of the finished pellet as well as the climate so there is a variance in density of each. Sacate’s pellet mill carefully screens their hay purchases and continuously maintains their equipment to ensure quality. Sacate sells their feed pellets by weight rather than volume to ensure you receive the actual quantity ordered.

Picking Your Pellet

Deciding which pellet is best for your horse depends on the animal’s needs. If you have a high energy working horse or a race horse that will require a lot of energy, you’ll want to feed the Thorough Bread pellet. If you prefer to feed your animals a pure alfalfa diet that includes the right nutrition for everyday needs, Sacate’s Standard-Bread pellet is your best choice. For older horse or horses that only perform light duties and do not require a lot of energy the Bermuda-Blend pellet is your best bet.