Take Better Care Of Livestock With Animal Feed Pellets

Whether you’re a veteran horse and cattle owner or new to the livestock game altogether, you’re likely aware of what a difference the quality of animal feed makes in the lives and productivity of your stock. For this reason, buying quality products from a reputable animal feed pellet mill is one of the best decisions you could make. The benefits of feed pellets include but aren’t limited to:

  • Pellets are like hay, but better. In fact, they’re made from hay originally – hay which has been compacted to give your horse or cattle a feed which is not only cleaner and easier to handle, but also more balanced nutritionally than baled hay.
  • You have much greater choice and awareness of the ingredients in the product. For example, you can identify whether or not the corn in a pellet is GMO modified, or whether the alfalfa is locally-grown. On top of that, you can often choose which raw materials your animal feed pellet mill puts into the pellets you’re buying.
  • Pellets ensure all nutrients are consumed rather than picked through. This is more of a concern with horses than cattle, as many horses manage to sift through the roughage to eat the tastier, less nutritious part of the hay. Pellets compact them all together, preventing that behavior quite efficiently.
  • The animal feed pellet mill does all the math for you! Instead of being forced to research and weigh out precisely how much hay, grain, and other feed your cattle or horses need, most mills come with a number of options based on the amount of activity the animal will be expending. For example, they might offer a high-energy feed for working horses in need of ‘hot’ feed, a neutral casual-work option, and a low-energy feed for older or unworked horses.
  • Pellets are often more cost-effective than hay. A bag of pellets will last an adult horse for around five days, while a regular bale of hay would struggle to last that long, not to mention the lack of additional crucial nutrients. Additionally, pellets produce much less waste, meaning more of the product actually goes toward fueling your livestock!

Finding a local animal feed pellet mill to see what they have to offer is a wise investment – one that your livestock will thank you for. Contact the expert at Sacate Pellet Mills for more information on feed pellets today!