Looking for High Quality Alfalfa Cubes?

For over a century, roughage hay and simple grains were the go-to feed for any livestock you might have. To figure out the ideal diet, you had to estimate how much of each they’d need based on their activity – a process which led to many a chubby horse. But for many livestock-owners today, that trouble is a thing of the past as feed cubes have emerged as the best possible way to ensure your livestock gets the nutrition they need, without all the guess work.

Where To Start

Most distributors of roughage hay lack cube or pellet options, so you’ll have to find a new feeding source. The good news is, that shouldn’t be hard at all. Do a quick internet search forĀ alfalfa cubes for sale in your area, then look into each of the options you find.

Be prepared. Some of these options may be out of your price range. Others might not be putting out a high-quality product. Don’t get discouraged – there are plenty of feed-producing gems just waiting to be uncovered.

Identify High-Quality Alfalfa Cubes For Sale

What criteria should you use when searching for high-quality feed? A number of things factor into this assessment:

  • Quality feed-producers will have multiple options to choose from rather than a single one-diet-fits-all feed option.
  • The feed shouldn’t vary too much in density. The denser the cubes are, the better the quality. Find a feed-producer that deals in only the highest-quality roughage.
  • The ingredients should be organic, ideally, but at the very least non-GMO. Other keywords to look out for are ‘locally grown’. While this doesn’t ensure an organic product, it’s still better than the alternative.
  • The supplier is strict about their suppliers. Stringent testing and inspection may be a hassle for those looking to supply pellet mills with ingredients, but it’s excellent for you as a buyer.

Sacate Pellet Mills

For the highest quality alfalfa cubes for sale, look no further than Sacate Pellet Mills. Sacate Pellet Mills takes pride in producing only the highest quality feed pellets crafted from locally grown, stringently inspected ingredients. They offer a number of different feed pellet options that are sure to meet the nutritional requirements of all of your horses and livestock.

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