Get High Quality, Nutritionally Complete Feed for Your Horses

Get High Quality, Nutritionally Complete Feed for Your Horses

Wondering where to buy nutritious and high-quality horse feed? The solution is Sacate Pellets. Sacate Pellet Mills manufactures the highest quality horse feed using only the best local ingredients.
Advantages of Sacate Pellets 

•    The pellets are not heavy. They can be transported quickly and easily to your destination.

•    When you feed your horse with Sacate Pellets, you reduce their chances of having heaves, a common challenge when using hay feed.

•    With pellets, you do not need to worry about the accumulation of dust or mold.

•    Sacate Pellets are very nutritious, ensuring your horses are getting everything they need to maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

•    Feeding your horse pellets drastically reduces the amount of feed waste.

•    Because pelleted food is nutritionally complete, there is no need for you to do any manual mixing of different types of food to feed your horses.

When you buy feed pellets from Sacate, you are getting products of only the highest quality. Sacate pellets have been lab tested to ensure a perfect balance of vitamins, minerals and proteins.
Sacate Pellets For Every Kind Of Horse!

Standard-Bread Alfalfa Pellets – This one is made by mixing sugarcane molasses, phosphoric acid and alfalfa hay. You can use it to feed nursing horses, yearlings, weanlings, and those that perform all types of work be it heavy, light, or moderate.

Thorough-Bread Complete Pellets – A mixture of several ingredients such as salt, copper sulfate, niacin, zinc sulfate, cobalt sulfate and many others make this type of pellet. You can use it to feed all horses regardless of their duties.

Sacate Alfalfa Cubes – The Sacate alfalfa cubes work similarly to alfalfa hay only they are not bulky and they come in cubes.

Sacate Pellet Mills is your convenient one stop center for all your horse feeding needs. When you want the best, highest quality animal feed look no further than Sacate Pellets!