The Importance of Quality Animal Feed

Premium horse and cattle feed is necessary for maintaining healthy, happy animals. Both horses and cattle have specialized digestive systems which can be extremely sensitive. Providing them with a controlled source of nutrition helps to ensure that they are ingesting more of the nutrition they need, and less of what they don’t need.

Pellets vs.Bailed Hay

  • While bailed hay is cheaper than manufactured animal feed, it has its drawbacks. Just as hay was originally grown to tailor a controlled diet for horses and livestock, pellets are designed to do the same thing, but more efficiently. Not only are pellets, which take up less room than bulk hay, more cost effective, they provide a superior diet, as well.
  • Pellets are much easier to measure and ration while hay tends to be knocked out of feeders and wasted. Hay can also collect dust or mold, which can cause serious respiratory problems for both animals and their human caretakers. Pellets dramatically reduce the amount of dust and the chance for feed to be moldy.
  • Pellets help to reduce colic and founder, as the animals eating them are not free to pick and choose as they are during grazing. Animal feed that is scientifically balanced provides proper nutrition and helps to eliminate naturally occurring toxins which can make your animals ill.

Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc 

Provide your animals with the nutrition they need using a scientifically balanced feed manufactured from locally grown sources. Choose from three different types of feed pellets to meet the dietary needs of your animals. Rest easy knowing you are providing your horses and cattle with a only the highest quality animal feed–their vibrant vim and vigor will be your reward.