Buy Your Feed From a Pellet Mill

Providing your animals with the proper nutrition, at a price you can afford, can sometimes be a tricky task. Baled hay is fairly inexpensive, but requires a lot of storage space. Quality feed pellets, on the other hand, are available from your local pellet mill and often manufactured from locally grown alfalfa, corn and wheat.

Why Buy Pellets

Unlike hay, feed pellets are scientifically designed to be nutritionally  balanced and free of harmful weeds. While most farmers strive to grow a quality product, they can’t always guarantee that their hay will not contain weeds. Because pellets are processed meticulously for the highest levels of nutrition, unwanted plants and substances are carefully weeded out. Quality feed pellets also produce less dust than hay which is better for both the animals and their human caretakers. Pellets also help eliminate the dangers of mold. High grade feed from your local pellet mill delivers a balanced diet to your horses or cattle efficiently and cost-effectively. Pellets take up less space, are less bulky and can be easily measured for meals. It is estimated that there is a 10% savings when you purchase feed pellets over baled hay, as it is less likely to be pushed out of feeders and wasted on the floor.

Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc 

Buy direct from your local pellet mill, and support your local economy while giving your horses and cattle the best and most balanced nutrition available. When you buy pellets from Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc, you’re buying quality. All of our pellets are made with natural ingredients, and locally grown. So, everybody wins, especially your animals.