Why Feeding Alfalfa Cubes to Your Horses is Important

Horses are creatures of habit. This is true for their dietary needs as well as in their training. Horses do not easily adjust to sudden changes in the type and quantity of the forage and dietary supplements available to them.

Unfortunately, weather changes can make it difficult for horse owners to provide pasture that is constant in quality and quantity. If you live in an area with changing climates or  seasonal dry spells, the best way to provide your horses with stability in the nutrition may be by feeding them alfalfa cubes.

Sacate Alfalfa Cubes

Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc. uses only alfalfa hay that is grown in the most favorable conditions and is tested to confirm its nutritional content. Feeding alfalfa cubes to your horses will provide the same nutritional support found in the sun cured alfalfa hay used to make them, and you can be sure the nutritional content will remain consistent. This gives you and other horse owners the ability to provide nutritional stability to your horses, thus preventing possible episodes of colic or founder that horses sometimes suffer due to sudden dietary changes.

Whether you breed horses on a large or small scale, or you simply own one or two pleasure animals, you want your horses to remain healthy for as long as possible. Feeding your horses alfalfa cubes of the highest quality will help you accomplish that goal.