Raising Show Ponies

A small horse is called a pony and has a different shape or structure than a full sized horse. Ponies also have a different temperaments than horses. When you compare a pony to a horse you will see the pony has a thicker mane, hair coat and tail. Proportionally, ponies have shorter legs, thicker necks, shorter heads and wider barrels. Although they are often stubborn, they are generally considered friendly and intelligent.

The pony developed with a small stature that relates back to its origin as a wild horse. Essentially their size is related to a long history of living on the margins of livable horse habitat. A pony’s size and weight is mostly determined by genetics and will be reached as long as it is fed the correct diet. The time it takes for them to reach mature size depends greatly on how well they are fed.

Ponies require feed that contains high quality proteins, amino acids, lysine and threonine. There are certain amounts of crude protein in alfalfa diets or high quality grasses; however the amount of lysine content in cereal grains is often not enough to support proper pony growth. If you are raising a pony for show you will want to be sure to use feed pellets to ensure that your pony is getting consistent nutrition in their daily diet.

Choose Sacate Pellet Mills

A carefully planned diet is essential in raising a pony that is both sound and competitive in today’s horse industry. Sacate Pellet Mills produces the perfect feed pellets to provide your pony with the nutritionally balanced diet it requires. Feed pellets are far more convenient to use and they do not create any waste.

By investing in premium, highly fortified feed pellets you will ensure that you raise a pony a healthy pony all the way to maturity. Sacate feed pellets are 100% natural and have no artificial additives or fillers. Their commitment to quality is unparalleled, and they offer a variety of different pellets depending on your animal’s nutritional needs. They have risen to the top of the industry by listening to their customers and creating pellets that meet their customers’ demands.

Call a Sacate representative today to find out which of their feed pellets will work best to help your pony grow and prosper.