Choose Sacate Pellet Mills For Your Horses’ Nutrition

Farmers and horse breeders agree, using pelletized horse feed is the best way for horses to receive the highest, most consistent level of nutrition. The question then becomes not if you should buy feed pellets, but where you should buy your feed pellets from. There are lots of choices out there, but not all pellet mills are created equal. If you want only the best, highest quality, scientifically formulated pellets for your horses then you want to contact Sacate Pellet Mills.

Why choose Sacate Pellet Mills for your horses’ nutrition?

The answer is simple: We do one thing, and one thing only. We produce equine pellets. We use only the highest quality, locally grown alfalfa that is hand-picked by our in-house team of hay buyers with collective experience of over 100 years. That means you don’t have to worry about weeds or waste in your pellets, and you know that your horses will be eating the very best.

We are not in the export business. Unlike many other pellet companies, we do not export the best and pelletize the rest. Our only focus is producing a product made with finest ingredients. If you’re looking for a consistently superior product that is tailored for the welfare of your horse, look no further than Sacate Pellet Mills.