Race Horse Nutrition

Race Horse Nutrition

Thoroughbreds represent the epitome of a horse’s natural compulsion to race. You know these animals need a meal composed not only of complete nutrition, but one that provides those extra calories a race horse can burn up in a hurry. That’s why you feed your race horses Thorough-bread complete pellets, a feed designed specifically for the horse who loves and lives for the hoof-pounding competition of the track.

Why Race Horses Need Special Diets

Because race horses are subjected to intense exercise regimens, but are also confined to their stalls, their diet must be carefully balanced between one that provides a high concentration of energy requirements, and one that will prevent gastrointestinal and other metabolic disorders often associated with the race horse diet. While processed feeds are the most easily digested, poor quality feeds that are high in starch–like many straight sweet feeds–can lead to colic or laminitis. By providing your thoroughbred with a feed that meets his high fat and carbohydrate needs, balanced with his roughage requirements, you will keep him healthy and less excitable.

Sacate Pellet Mills, Inc 

Free of ingredients that cause gastrointestinal problems, Thorough-bread complete pellets are scientifically designed for horses with high energy needs. Made from locally harvested, 100% natural alfalfa, wheat, cracked corn, and cane molasses, this feed is perfect for race horses, and it is a product Sacate Pellet Mills is proud to offer. Horses were born to run. Give them a feed to match their winning spirit.