Feeding Young Horses for Optimal Growth

The first year of a young horse’s life will influence the animal when it is mature, so the importance of proper nutrition with the right balance of nutrients cannot be emphasized enough. A horse grows faster during their first year than at any other time in their life, and they will not develop into their full potential if their feed is not nutritionally balanced and adequate. This is why as a horse owner or breeder your best choice will be standard-bread alfalfa pellets for your young horses and pregnant or nursing mares.

Feed Pellets Provide The Best Balance

While locally grown hay that can be guaranteed high-quality is the feed  preferred by most horse owners, it is not always available when needed. The alfalfa horse pellets available from Sacate Pellet Mills are made from alfalfa hay cured in the sun, molasses and the proper supplementation of phosphoric acid. Your greatest advantage of feeding these high quality pellets to your horses is having the ability to control the exact amount of feed each horse receives. Standard-bread alfalfa pellets have a guaranteed analysis of no less than 14% crude protein and 1.5% fat, and the pellets contain no more than 28% crude fiber. This blend allows you to provide your young horses with the proper nutrition to ensure they will achieve their highest potential as they mature.

Whether you breed and raise horses as a business or have made the decision to purchase and raise a foal for your own use, providing the highest quality feed is in your best interest. It is essential that young horses have the nutritional building blocks necessary to grow into strong and healthy individuals who are able to perform at their highest potential for many years.